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Volume 8, Number 1 April 21st, 1966


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  • Page 1

    Council to Investigate Student-Supported Professorship
    • Action Postponed on Narcotics Statement
        -Jeffrey T. Mortimer
  • Page 2

    Administration Position on Narcotics
      -Reamer Kline and Harold L. Hodgkinson
    • Congratulations for Council
        -Jeffrey T. Mortimer
  • Page 3

    Brac and Brine
      -John A. Faylor
  • Page 4

    Progress is Our Most Important Project?
      -Matt Perlstein
    Letters to the Editors
      -R. C. Edmonds, S. Lee, M. Bernstein
  • Page 5

    A Reply
      -Jeffrey T. Mortimer
  • Page 6

    Last Book Microfilmed: Modernization of the Bard Library Complete
      -M. Perlstein, J. Mortimer, I. Rosen
    Unplanned Obsolescence
      -Ilene Rosen


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