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Volume 4, Number 1 March 17th, 1966


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  • Page 1

    Livingston Asks for Action on Six-Point Program and Student Markers Club Constitutions Discussed
      -Jeff Mortimer
  • Page 2

    [Untitled] Editorial
      -Jeff Mortimer
    [Untitled] Editorial
      -John A. Faylor
  • Page 3

    Comment on the Council Meeting Proceedings
      -Bill Bernstein
  • Page 4

    Bill Bernstein vs. Robert's Rules of Order
      -Ilene Rosen
    What to do During a Boring Council Meeting, Especially if You're a Council Memember and Have to be There
      -Ilene Rosen
  • Page 5

    More on Due Process
      -Robert Koblitz
    Interview with Don Baier
      -Linda Potter
    From John McDonald
      -John McDonald
  • Page 6

    From John McDonald


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