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Volume 9, Number 1 June 3rd, 1954


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  • Page 1

    [Tribute to Professor Felix E. Hirsch]
    New Kingston-Rhinecliff Span Might Not be Boon to Bard
    Formal Slated for Saturday
    Angell to Speak at Commencement
    Anniversary Fund
    Library Gives End Term Progress Report
    • Gifts
        -Werner Jaeger
    Fall '54 Course List Explained by Gillard
    Auction Proves to be $2500 Success Through Efforts of Faculty Women
    • Ada Green leaving
    Casals Invites Hauser to Serve on Prades Panel
    Orientation Group to be Selected for '54
    President Case Applauds Faculty Women, Students
    Helgramites and Acts of God Hold up Use of Pool
  • Page 2

    [Untitled] Editorial
    Editorial: Somebody Goofed [Swimming Pool Beside Sawkill]
    Here and There
      -Marvin Flicker
    "In the Limelight"
      -Miles Kreuger
    On the Town
  • Page 3

    Communitas Literary Section
    • Saturday for a Change
        -Wendell Ackerman
    Communitas Literary Section
    • Words Upon a Time
        -Martin Dinitz
  • Page 4

    Contentment, Spaghetti, The Cat and the Fly
      -Andrew Wing
      -David Rapaport
    On a Line by Dryden
      -David Rapaport
      -Mari Blumenau
  • Page 5

    On the Scent of the Truffle
      -Gaby Bernhard
    Bard's Sportscape
    Faculty Committee Heads Selected Last Tuesday
  • Page 6

    The Light Touch
    WXBC Program


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