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Volume 7, Number 1 May 20th, 1954


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  • Page 1

    E.P.C. Pulls Through Crisis--
    • Students Participate Actively
    Bard New York Arts Festival Scores a Huge Success
      -Alex Gross
    Psychology East and West
      -Werner Wolff
    Auction to be Held at Zabriskie May 29
    "Bard Will Go On," Faculty Effort Applauded by Trustees
    • Faculty and Staff Contracts Renewed
    • Bardians Counted Upon for High Enrollment
    Community Chorus Plans Concert Series
    "Top Hat"
    Scotch Masons Meet at Bard
    Bishop Boynton Confirms Three
  • Page 2

    • We Still Like Bard. . .
    The Crimson Says. . .
    Middle States Says. . .
    Letters to the Editors
    • [". . .we should like to point out that EPC has been working very well this semester. . ."]
        -Rose Bakst for EPC
    On the Town. . .
    • The Flicks:
  • Page 3

    Bard's Sportscope
      -John Baruch
    A Brief History of Bard College
  • Page 4

    Here and There Marvin Flicker
    With the Faculty
    Alumni News


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