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Volume 5, Number 1 May 13th, 1954


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  • Page 1

    Divisional Panels, Case Speech Mark Bard's Successful Student Conference
    • Case's Address to Students Stresses Need of Education
    Literature Panel
      -Alex Gross
    Faculty Members; S. Hirsch, Degre, Marker Record Their Impressions of Divisions Panels
    Gerard DeGre… Division of Social Studies
    Muriel Marker Science Panel
    J.K. Lasser; Former Trustee, Dies at 57
    Anniversary Fund
    Science Panel
      -George Waltuch
    Art Panel
      -Jay Rosenblum
    Bard Arts Festival in New York May 17
    I.A. Richards Gives Lecture in Literature
    Resignations Point Out EPC Crisis
    Student Help Seen as Key to New Theatre
    Much Water Halts Progress of Bard Flower-Pickers
  • Page 2

    [Untitled] Editorial
    Editorial: On the Town
    Letters to the Editors
    • Postscript to History
      • 9-May-54
    Student Recital Presented at Bard
      -Clair Leonard
    "In the Limelight"
    Fashion Show Scores Big Success with Town and Gown
      -Janet Goldenberg
  • Page 3

    Stefan Hirsch… Division of Art, Music, Drama and Dance
    WXBC Program
  • Page 4

    Here and There
    Here and There


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