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Volume 5, Number 1 May 6th, 1954


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  • Page 1

    Africa-Logan, DuBois, Strong's International Weekend Topic
    • Howard Scholar Laments Racial Dominance and Hatred As Bar to Free and Peaceful Africa
        -Dean Ruth Gillard
    Increasing Role of African Problems in UN Cited by Strong
      -David L. White
    History Darkened by Slave Trade and Racial Superiority Concepts Outlined by DuBois
      -Alison Harlow
    Foreign Students Active in International Weekend
    News Briefs
    Canon West Addresses St. Stephen's Society
    Nordoff, Weiss, Hecht Receive Fellowships
    Bard Fashion Show Slated for May 17th
    I.A. Richards Tonight's Lit. John Bard Lecturer
    Bardians Host to High School Group
  • Page 2

    • ["We have been watching television. . . And we note with some satisfaction that finally McCarthy is on the defensive."]
        -Fiat Lux II
    • ["A cursory glance at the black, rainslippery, wooden steps leading to South Hall the other night got us a bit upset."]
    Letters to the Editors
    • [". . .suggest the following plan to meet the problem of financing higher education in a period of shrinking endowments."]
        -Emil Hauser
    Tenor Spearman to Give Bard Concert
    Meet the Faculty --
    • Bill Humphrey
        -by Eva LaSalle
  • Page 3

    Art Display in Orient Pale to Gifted People
      -Mary Grayson
    On the Town. . .
      -S. Trumpet
    BCFD Lists Wider Training Program
    • Rober Lane, Class of 1953
    Bishop of N.Y. to Confirm Four
  • Page 4

    Here and There
    Rhinebeck Committee Begin to Functioning
    WXBC Program


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