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Volume 4, Number 1 April 29th, 1954


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  • Page 1

    Dr. Corliss Lamont Academic Freedom Speaker
      -Ai Landau
    Bard Campus Site Summer Institute
    Parents Organize to Aid Fund Drive
    95th Anniversary Fund Drive
    American Drama Bentley's Topic
    Former Date Squabble Council Highlight
    Action Taken on Orient Hazards
    Fashion Show to be at Zabriskie Mansion
    Dr. Corliss Lamont
  • Page 2

    [Untitled] Editorial
    Editorial: Much Ado About Nothing?
    Letters to the Editors
    Thoughts [Quotations]
    Mr. Dunnock Appears at Bard in Euripides' "The Trojan Women"
      -Alex Gross
    He Angeiohydromachia of the Battle of the Buckets [A Poem]
  • Page 3

    "In the Limelight"
      -Miles Kreuger
  • Page 4

    Literary Section
    • The Irremedial Witness
        -Elsa Heister
    Literary Section
    • A Dead Woman
        -Ray Rudnik
    Literary Section
    • An Olden Fragrance
        -Phillip Miller
    Literary Section
    • The Heart, Happy Without Cause, to the Mind
        -Richard C. Sewell
    Literary Section
    • No. 1
        -David Rapaport
  • Page 5

    Bard's Sportscope
      -John Baruch
    Professor Claire Leonard Gives Bard Hall Organ Recital
      -Louis Hamvas
    Here and There
      -Marvin Flicker
  • Page 6

    Milk Bottle Crisis Successfully Averted
    Absentee Waiters Caises Dining Commons Concern
    Summer Jobs Open
    Bard Fire Truck Suffers Break Down
    Glass Resigns From Entertainment Committee
    Faculty Wife Gives TV Show
    Faculty Wife Gives TV Show


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