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Volume 5, Number 1 May 16th, 1949


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  • Page 1

    Alumni Pledge $2,200 To College
    Individual Quota Of $25.73 Set In Fund Raising Campaign
    Second Psychology Panel Discusses Sex
    ["Mr. Stefan Hirsch will report the findings of the Faculty Student Committee . . . "]
  • Page 2

    ["What is Progressive Education? What do we want it to become at Bard?"]
    Letters To The Editors
    • [" . . . The Bard Week has degenerated to stay alive."]
        -John B. Segal
  • Page 3

    Grease-Monkeys Ape Pros
    The Puritan Myth
    Members Of Class Of 1948 Attend Many Graduate Schools
  • Page 4

    Continuation Of Previous Articles


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