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Volume 4, Number 20 December 14th, 1979


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  • Page 1

    Bigwigs Bomb at Bard Seminar
      -Mark Ebner
    Poetics at Bard (Or How to be a Poet)
      -Daniel Diehl
    The Crucible of Hatred
      -Randall Balterman
  • Page 2

    • Some Serious Words Form a Batterman Supporter
        -Christine Iskander
  • Page 3

    Communications Bigwigs..
  • Page 4

    Campus Day- A Case of Censorship
    • Admission Decision: Bard Poet Needs License
        -Mark Ebner
    Campus Day- A Case of Censorship
    • A Woman for Men or Lesbian Dream-Poem
    Campus Day- A Case of Censorship
    • LaFarge, Le Censeur
        -Ben LaFarge
  • Page 5

    The Ayatollah Speaks
    Nuke the Whales Etc.
    Record Reviews
      -Ivan Stoler
  • Page 6

    Art Carlson
    Paul Spencer
  • Page 7

    Not Insane Presents…
      -Spike Henderson
    Bard Student Art Show
      -T. Modern
  • Page 8

    Tell Me, What’s the Word?: Gil Scott-Heron Plays Bard
      -Robyn Neuman
  • Page 9

    Robert Rossellini's Open City
      -Elliot Junger
      -Bill Abelson
  • Page 10

    We're Due in Eastbourne in Ten Minutes
      -John Kelleher
      -Micheal Stiller
  • Page 11

    The Women, by Claire Booth
      -Andrew Joffe
    Sam Who?
      -Nils Nordal
  • Page 12

    Pat Covert & George Hunka on FILMS


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