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Volume 3, Number 0 March 6th, 1981


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  • Page 1

    Student Expelled for Mail Threat
    • Letter Called a Forgery
        -Tom Carroll
    Baseball Coach Writes About Players
    • Ludlow Edits Passages
    Post Office: A Change in Status
      -Peter Geissler
    Reagan Cuts Affect All Students
    • Something Can Be Done Says Botstein
  • Page 2

    Out in the Cold. . .
    A "Space Odyssey" for Bard?
    • Researched by Jennifer Hall
    Republicans Debate Solidarity
    On Paper. . .
    Episcopalian Leaves Bard $200,000
  • Page 3

    Saga Proposes "Meal Tickets"
    • Student Stabbed at Coffee House
    Students Against U.S. Involvement in El Salvador Gather Over 340 Signatures
  • Page 4

    Spring Festival May Replace Formal
    Curriculum Committee Meets Only Twice
    Ludlow Sees Shift in Drug Culture
    Quote of the Week
    Joel Tomson Sees Need for Added Facilities
    Over 250 Sign in Support of Alter
    Newsbreaker: Special Report
      -Peter Bunyan
    Sports: Boxing at Saga
    Writer and Reporter to Visit Bard
  • Page 5

    • The Second Time Around
    • Looking the Other Way. . .
  • Page 6

    Film Review: Malcolm X
    • Prof. Ferruccio Gambino
    Bard Photo Work Goes on Tour
    Sports: Spirit Reborn in B'Ball
    McKenzie Directs "Half-Life" at Preston
    • First Play of Season Opens Sat. Night


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