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Volume 2, Number 0 October 19th, 1956


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  • Page 1

    Avery: "Rain Ain't Enough"
    Botsford Lectures, Reads Own Work
    A Modest Proposal?
  • Page 2

    Unconventional Sophomore Show
      -Jack Hirschfeld
    Freshmen Explore Library
      -Jerome Liss
    Fite Continues Sculpture Talk
      -Lewis Zagor
    Tennis Tournament
  • Page 3

    Closed House to Open
    Political Analyst Elected Trustee
    Field Period in Europe
    Library Exhibits Wolff Papers
    Bard at W.U.S. Conference
  • Page 4

    • ["Last week's Bard Comment. . . Contained many notable faults of style and taste, as well as a few examples of inaccurate reporting."]
        -Daniell, Ellenberg, Hirschfeld, Self
    The Plague
      -Judith Abrams
  • Page 5

    Soviet Propaganda Series


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