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Volume 6, Number 3 March 20th, 1961


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  • Page 1

    Large FresClub Budgets To Be Submitted To Council Tonight For Actionhman Class Expected Next September
    • Club Budgets For the Spring Of 1961
    Hearings To Be Held
    Bard To Have Delegation In Mock U. N. Assembly
    Parking Lot To Be Constructed
    Field Period Job Files Shown Out of Date
      -Iris Johnson
    Pres. Kline Advocates Shorter Social Hours
  • Page 2

      -David Frederickson
    Letters To The Editor
    • ["Several semesters have passed since the completion of the "New Dorm"."]
        -Henry Edinburg
    Letters To The Editor
    • Freshman Dorm
        -Rebecca Kaplan
    Letters To The Editor
    • The Bardian
        -Faiz M. Khairzada
  • Page 3

    From The President . . .
      -Reamer Kline
    Dr. Reiss To Take Position At Iowa U.
  • Page 4

    Big Basketball Season Ends; Upper College Wins, Bard Loses
    • Bard Loses To Marist
        -Ralph Levine


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