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Volume 3, Number 3 November 14th, 1960


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  • Page 1

    Committee on Social Regulations to be Elected Wednesday
      -Linda Dzuba
    Bard Humanists Hear Dr. Koch
    Jewish Service Held Every Friday Evening
    Kline Announces Establishment of Funds for Gifts
    • Two Agencies
    • Necessary Minimum
    • Gifts
    • Outlook
    Faculty Rejects Community Tax
    Winter College Found Successful by Students
      -Edith Rothaus and Janet Hall
    COAS Passes Statement of Degree Requirements
  • Page 2

    • Social Regulations
    • Entertainment Success
      -David Frederickson
    Letters to the Editor
    • ["It seems that the liberal arts college…"]
        -Steve Bernbach
    Ergo Ego
      -David Frederickson
    Israel, a Mixture of Old and New
      -Naomi Parver, Israeli Office
  • Page 3

    From the President…
    • [Excerpt from a talk on the founders of the college]
    Community Council
  • Page 4

    The Political Situation at Bard
    • An Analysis of Bard's Political Situation
    • Why Should the Students Have Political Power?
    The Political Situation at Bard
    • The Immediate Need
        -Charles Haun
    Bard Basketball Entry Opens Year Tomorrow
      -Wallace Loza


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