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Volume 2, Number 3 October 31st, 1960


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  • Page 1

    Fight Over Rail Service Reduction Continues
      -Janet Hall
    Art Building Plans Still Indefinite
    Entertainment at Bard
      -Ted Primack
    Dean Named Danforth Scholarship Liaison
    Literature Club Plans Announced for Term
    Entertainment Committee Resigns Under Protest
    Dr. Ira L. Reisse Publishes Book
  • Page 2

    • Council Power
    • Faculty Dues
      • Faculty Apathy
      • Token Levy
    • Library Funds
    Letters to the Editor
    • ["I want to congratulate the Bardianů"]
        -Dorothy Dulles Bourne
      -David Frederickson
    Letters to the Editor
    • ["On Monday, October 24, I resignedů"]
        -Charles Haun
  • Page 3

    From the Presidentů
    • Library Books
    • College Needs
    From the Presidentů
    • Freedom and Responsibility
        -Reamer Kline
    Candidate Vidal Talks Politics at Bard Hall
    Community Council
    • Report from Institutional Committee
  • Page 4

    Ergo Ego
    • Little Solid Chunks
        -David Frederickson


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