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Volume 1, Number 3 October 17th, 1960


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  • Page 1

    Team Organizes
    Six Professors Join Faculty
    No Head for P. R. Office for Second Straight Year
      -Iris Johnson
    Committee to Plan New Social Regulations
    • Respect
    • Changes This Year
    Three Vacancies Filled on Board
    Student Publicity Office Instituted
  • Page 2

      -David Frederickson
    Ergo Ego
      -Michael Colefax
    Letters to the Editor
    • ["Community Council here at Bard…"]
      • Question Raised
      • Put on Pressure
      -Richard Greener, Member of Comm. Counci
    Letters to the Editor
    • ["Bard College is an institution devoted to…"]
        -Richard Kagle
  • Page 3

    From the President…
      -Reamer Kline
    Library to Gain from Used Book Sales in Kappa
    Community Council
      -Ned Medary
  • Page 4

    Words on Education
    • Statistics
    • Good Education
    • Man with Mission
    • Compromise
        -R. W. E. Frederickson
    Orientation Program Encounters Many Varied Student Reactions
      -Amy Wohlgemuth
  • Page 5

    Student Handbook Supplement
    • The NKVD:
    • The Dining Commons:
    • The Library:
    • The Atmosphere:
        -Richard Brown
  • Page 6

    WXBC Begins Fall Program
    Plans to Increase, Diversify the Student Body Are Divulged
    • Budget
        -Bill Sendeld


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