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Volume 3, Number 2 March 22nd, 1960


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  • Page 1

    Prof. DeGre Returns from South America
    • Legal Fight with Dorm Contractors is Still Unsettled
    Expanded Career Day Planned for This Year
    Committees Consider New Presidential Candidates
    Community Radio Station Resumes Operation After Temporary Lapse
    James Case Named Director of E-SU
    • Bard President for Decade
    Ran Blake Plays at Notre Dame Festival
  • Page 2

    Social Regulations
    Varsity Sports
    • An American Student Cause
        -Alan Skvirsky
    Bard College 1860-1960
    • A Critical and Intimate History
        -Richard Gummere, Jr.
    Life at Winter College
    • Atmosphere
    • Snow
        -Richard Gummere, Jr.
    Life at Winter College
    • Atmosphere
    • Snow
        -Dan Blicksliver
    Senior Projects in Dance and Drama to be Presented
    • Winter College
        -Jack Blum
  • Page 3

    The Buxton Players Perform at Bard
      -Michael Colefax
    The Spirit of St. Stephen's
      -Herman Tietjen
    Guy Ducornet Exhibits Art Work at Bard
  • Page 4

    Committee Plans Events for Term
    Bard in Transition
      -Dan Weller
    Film Committee Plans Semester's Movies
    • Committee Chairman
    • Material to be Printed
    Film Committee Plans Semester's Movies
    • List of Films
        -Steve Bernbach
  • Page 5

    Insufficient Interest Forces Disbandment of Bard Fire Department
  • Page 6

    New Term Sees Faculty Changes in Two Divisions
    Kaleidoscope Sponsors First Formal Debate
    Cagers Fight for a Winning Season
      -Wally Loza


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