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Volume 1, Number 2 October 7th, 1961


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  • Page 1

    Expanded Orientation Program is Instituted
    Clubs Active
    Winter College Enrollment
    • Theme of Courses
    • 8 Credits
    • Tuition
    Six Study at Clinic
    New Faculty Members
  • Page 2

    A Bard Newspaper
    • Political Role
    The Founding of St. Stephen's College
    The Perfect ______
    • (A Parody)
        -Robert L. Greger
    E. P. C. and Council News
      -Mary Bishop
  • Page 3

    Students Lunch with Princess
    Maslansky Plans Films
    • Last Year's Favorites
    • This Term's Films
      -Robert L. Greger
    Partial View
      -Richie Kagel
  • Page 4

    Mr. Gummere Notes Admissions Philosophy
    • Five Criterion
    • Why Do Students Choose Bard
    • The Bard Plan
    • A Mystifying Field
    Alumni News
    Reverend Shafer New Chaplin and Teacher


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