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Volume 3, Number 1 June 5th, 1959


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  • Page 1

    New Four Sessions Plan Accepted; 4-4 Dropped
    Typical Calendar
    • Four Sessions Plan: Typical Calendar
      • A Student's Possible 4-Year Program Under "15-7" at Bard
    Dr. Gray, Past Bardpres., Dies
    Faculty Passes 3 Resolutions
    Four Fires In Term Set Campus On Edge
    • Arson In 4th Fire
    • Photograph
    Four Fires In Term Set Campus On Edge
    • Orient Hall Burns To Ground; School Insured For Damage
    • New Structure
    Four Fires In Term Set Campus On Edge
    • Photograph
  • Page 2

    Heilbrunn Gives John Bard Lecture
    Arts Festival At Bard And New York
    WXBC Resumes Broadcasts Next Term
    Revise Room Assignment Plans
    Bard Students Attend Science Conference
    Josell Elected As New Fire Chief
    St. Stephen's Starts Seminar
  • Page 3

    "15-7" Has Good Points
    Next Winter's Half-Semester
    Arson Investigation Procedures Rouse Students
    Alumni News
    Report From Community Project
      -Avron Sayer, Chair of Committee
    Random Notes On Music
      -Ran Blake
  • Page 4

    Softball Squad Plays Local Teams
    Tennis Players Begin Season
    Uppers Win Final Basketball Game
      -Mary Bishop, Board Representative to NSA
    Career Day Successful Better Yet Next Year


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