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Volume 1, Number 1 November 26th, 1958


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  • Page 1

    Community Project Evolution Of Mind
    Bard Honors Pablo Casals
    Paintings Of Stefan Hirsch Now In Poughkeepsie Exhibition
    Labor Research Center Created
    New Dorm Ready For Spring Term
    College Vocational Office Provides Information Service
      -Carole Kapiloff
    WXBC Plans Year's Work
    President Case Resumes Duties
  • Page 2

    A Bard Newspaper
      -Naomi Parver
    Four Quarter Plan
    At Bard After Thanksgiving
    Alumni News
    A Long Cold Winter' . . .
    3 Main Topics Occupy Council
      -David Frederickson
  • Page 3

    Poe's Jules Desolieres
    • An Original Study
        -M. B. Medory
    • Untitled Poem
        -[Mark Halpern]
    • Untitled Poem
        -Mark Halpern
    How Loudly Does A Mouse Spin?
      -Jerry Liss
    On Academic Freedom
      -Earl Jackel
    Responsibility In Automotive Safety
  • Page 4

    Bard Jazz Festival Scores Big Success
    • Highlights
        -Ran Blake
    Art Enthusiasts Form New Club
    • Purpose
    Basketball Team Plans Big Year; Wins First Game
    • Intercollegiate Schedule
    • Bard Wins First Game
    Playboy' Staged by Drama Workshop
    • Special for two Seniors
    • Cast
    • Important Background Jobs


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