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Volume 3, Number 21 June 1st, 1953


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  • Page 1

    Co-op Store Expose
      -Al Landau
    Senior Week Planned
    Bard College Commentary On Academic Freedom Conference
  • Page 2

    Council Candidates Selected
    Letter To Dr. Edward Fiess
      -Sidney Hook
  • Page 3

    Bard Organizations Represented at Academic Freedom Conference
    Dr. Sottery Celebrates 25th Year At Bard
    Mr. Bleucher Discusses Common Course With E.P.C.
  • Page 4

    Untitled Poem
      -Phil Miller
    Untitled Poem
      -Steve Barbash
    Two Hellenic Rhapsodies
      -Jacques Valet
    Song Out Of Pandemonium
      -Martin Dinitz
    Untitled Poem
      -Dick Sewell
    The Happy Couple: I The Writer
      -Alex Gross
    The Happy Couple: II The Artist
      -Alex Gross
  • Page 5

    Two Sonnets
      -Dick Sewell
    Untitled Poem
      -Dick Sewell
    Cain At The Graves Of Adam And Eve
      -Dick Sewell
      -Dianne Musser
    Six O'Clock
      -M. Johnson
    Untitled Poem
      -Alex Gross
  • Page 6

    Drama Reviews
    • Much Ado . . .
    • Workshops
        -Miles Kreuger
  • Page 7

    National Student Magazine Organized
    SDA Initiates Labor Education Program
    Picture by John Fletcher
  • Page 8

    Sixth Concert Scheduled


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