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Volume 5, Number 20 March 14th, 1953


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  • Page 1

    Lattimore Case Could Be Threat To Academic Freedom
      -Mona Mellis
    Cowell, Chintz To Perform; Varied Musical Program
    Literature Club Plans Shakespeare Fete
    Coming Events
  • Page 2

    • A Time For Unity
    Letters To The Editor
    • A Little Understanding
        -Muriel DeGre, Faculty Advisor Entertainm
    Letters To The Editor
    • Can A Formal Be Justified?
        -Russell H. Hergeshimer,Edward Livingston
  • Page 3

    Lost In The Woods
      -Karl Wedemeyer
      -Jacques Valet
    Summer Scene
      -Martin Dinitz
  • Page 4

    The 6:05
      -Zelda Abele
    81 Benefit Street
      -Alex Gross
    If You Go First Into The Lungs Of Death
      -Richard Sewell
      -Martin Dinitz
  • Page 5

    Asip Says Horseback riding Plan Not Feasible At Bard
    ["The curfew . . ."]
      -Miles Kreuger
  • Page 6

    Dr. Bokhari To Speak At Bard
    • Chairman of U.N. Security Council Will Close International Student Week-end


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