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Volume 2, Number 20 October 24th, 1952


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  • Page 1

    Primitive Magic Scheduled For Hallowe'en Night
    Diverse Musical Events Planned
    Coming Events
    Henry IV: Prevue And Analysis
      -Cynthia F. Silverman
    Senior Project Survey Polls Political Attitudes
    BCFD To Buy New Truck
  • Page 2

    Credit Where It's Due . . .
    Letter To The Editor
    • ["The Community Council is very glad that the Bardian is once again serving as a gadfly."]
        -Steve Barbash, Council Chairman
  • Page 3

    It's A Dog's Life
      -By Jack, As Told To Sue Stephenson
    From the President's Desk
      -J. H. Case, Jr., Jacques Valet
  • Page 4

    Benevolent Shoulder
      -John L. Stainton
    Three Triolets . . .
      -Dianne Musser
    Three Lyrics
      -Martin Dinitz
  • Page 5

    Having A. Wonderful Time
      -Karl Wedemeyer
  • Page 6

      -Mike Zuckerman
  • Page 7

    1952 Bandwagon: Adlai or Ike
    • Pro Stevenson
        -Charles Naef
    1952 Bandwagon: Adlai or Ike
    • Pro Eisenhower
        -Russell Hergesheimer
  • Page 8

    Continuation Of Previous Articles


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