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Volume 1, Number 20 October 3rd, 1952


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  • Page 1

    Seminar System Appeals To International Bardians
    MSA Institutes New Orientation Center
    Off Campus Jobs Offered
    The Bard Music Department Welcomes Strabella Lawrence
  • Page 2

    From the President's Desk
      -J. H. Case, Jr.
    Letter to the Editor
    • ["The Social Studies Division has instituted a new policy . . ."]
        -Rose Bakst
    • Time For A Change---Lax Leadership Symptomatic
  • Page 3

    Group Meetings Highlight Busy Summer Session
    1952 Bandwagon
    • Adlai Or Ike
    • The Case For The GOP
    1952 Bandwagon
    • Voters Switch Allegiance
        -Charles Naef
    1952 Bandwagon
    • Jacques Valet
  • Page 4

    Look At My Hand
      -Wendell Ackerman
    Ill. By Eric Loder
  • Page 5

      -Michael Zuckerman
    Three Scurrilous Epigrams
      -Alex Gross
    The Cripple Boy
      -Dianne Musser
  • Page 6

    What Makes The Birds Sing?
      -Andrew Wing
    Witness: A Confession Of Faith
    • A Critical Analysis by Irving Dworetzchy
  • Page 7

    Continuation Of Previous Articles
  • Page 8

    Continuation Of Previous Articles


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