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Volume 99, Number 20 August 1st, 1952


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  • Page 1

    Orientation Program For Foreign Students At Bard
    A Message by the President of Bard College
      -James H. Case, Jr.
    Just Another Day--Orientation Style
  • Page 2

    India's Independence Day
  • Page 3

    Oh, My English is on Fire
      -P. P. Lakshmanan
  • Page 4

    Waiting on Table-An Experience
      -Anwar Hussain Syed
    "Herr Professor" and "The Prof"
      -Bruno Weber
  • Page 5

    Our Visit to Mrs. Roosevelt
    Hitch-Hiking-"Free" Enterprise
      -Jacques Valet
    Our Historic Responsibility
      -George Athanassopoulos
    On Being Americanized (with apologies to T. S. Eliot)
  • Page 6

    Bard Orientation Roster
    • Your Friends' Addresses In The U. S. And Their Home Countries


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