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Volume 4, Number 19 May 5th, 1952


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  • Page 1

    C. Weigt Receives Fellowship; Plans Book On Choreography
    "Nature Of Scientific Truth" Theme Of Science Weekend
    Voice Students Perform Tonight
    • Divers Musical Events Planned
    Dylan Thomas To Read His Poetry
    Drama Workshop
      -Lawrence Wismer
  • Page 2

    Five Point Program
    • Johnson Discusses Symposia; Evaluates "Common Course"
        -Martin Johnson
    From the President's Desk
      -J. H. Case, Jr.
  • Page 3

    Door To The Left
      -Sam Benson
    Sea Images
      -P. Davis
    Untitled Poem
      -Jessica Thomas
    My Press Week
      -Helaine Kopp
  • Page 4

    Untitled Poem
    Deceptive Isolation
      -Cynthia Gross
    • Prelude And Prophecy
    • Morning
    • After Reading Rilke
    • On Perspective
        -Alex Gross
    Che si dice
      -S. Lemer
  • Page 5

    Scholarship Given In Memory Of Dick Lewis
    1952 Bandwagon
      -Charles Naef
  • Page 6

    Remodeling Of Estate Planned By Architects


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