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Volume 3, Number 19 April 9th, 1952


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  • Page 1

    Community Participates In Initial Seder Dinner
    Traditional vs. Progressive Education Aired
    Pickett Condemns Race For Power
    • Believes Diplomats should be Ambassadors of good will; Stresses Disarmament
    • Aid to undeveloped countries
    Position Open, Job Co-ordinator
      -Arnon Gafny, Chairman of Council
  • Page 2

    • Out of Hibernation
        -Armand D. Spanglet
    From the President's Desk
      -J. H. Case, Jr.
    Letter to the Community
      -S. Peyton
  • Page 3

    Student, Faculty Evaluate "Miss Julia"
    • S. Malcolm Gathers Cross-section of Faculty Views
    • Production Discussed By Diana Kline
    Groves of Academe
    • Reviewed by Astrid Lundbye
  • Page 4

    Nocturne . . .
      -Alex Gross
    Vive La Difference
      -Cynthia Gross
    Request Performance
    High Tension Wire
      -J. Thomas
  • Page 5

      -Wallace Jackson
    Marbled Globes
      -Armand Spanglet
    Affluent Gentility
      -M. Johnson
  • Page 6

    Week End Review
  • Page 7

    Divisional Roundup
    Entertainment Revitalized Through Dormitory Supervision
      -P. Price
  • Page 8

    Resume of Council Activities
      -Barbara Simmons
    1952 Bandwagon
      -Charles Naef


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