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Volume 2, Number 18 October 16th, 1951


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  • Page 1

    Mrs. Roosevelt Captures Bard
    Miss Newman to decide fate of Frosh
    CSP Critically Reviewed
    • Program Greeted With Mixed Feelings
    History of Co-op Traced
  • Page 2

    Editorial . . .
    Exclusive Interview With Mr. Lischer
    Jewish Services
  • Page 3

    His Song (an excerpt from a novel)
      -Mike Zuckerman
    Literary Supplement
  • Page 4

    Wood Cut by Peter Hoag
    Choice Vintage
      -Iris Oseas
      -Wallace Jackson
    Soft Afternoon
      -Gerard De Gre
      -Wallace Jackson
  • Page 5

    My Week
    • Tallulah the Turtle
        -Helaine Kopp
    Larkey Interviewed
  • Page 6

    Remarks on Literature
      -Peter W. Price
    Miss Brandies Speaks Tonight
  • Page 7

    WXBC: You Should Tell Me Please?
      -Karl Wedemeyer
    Bardian Will Cover British Elections
  • Page 8

    Inter-collegiate Press Roundup
    Record Library Expands
    The Bayou
      -Joan Gluckert
    Letter to the Fakulty
      -Helaine Kopp
    Harvard Psych. Department Too Interested In Tradition


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