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Volume 9, Number 3 June 5th, 1951


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  • Page 1

    Notes and News
    John Bard Lectures: Roller, Graham, Lasswell, Represent Science, Art and Soc. St.
      -Maurice N. Richter, Jr., Bill Lewit
    100 Hour Marathon
      -C. R. N.
    Don't Waste Your Vote--Vote
    • 1. For Chairman of Council
    • 2. For Moderator of the Community
    • 3. For Five Members of Judicial Committee
    • List and Qualifications of Main Candidates
  • Page 2

    Letter to the Editor
    • ["I was interested in the Bardian editorial (issue 5 of May 15) in which you dealt with the International Student Conference."]
        -Felix E. Hirsch
    Stones "Friend of the Family" Reviewed
      -Ray Rudnik
    WXBC: Radio Bard Emerges With Promising Future
  • Page 3

    De Man Draws Analogy Between Moral System and Aesthetic Act
    "Mountain Comes To Mohammed" As Martha Graham presents "Vivid" Speech
    • Introduction by Stefan Hirsch
  • Page 4

    Members of U. N. Secretariat Visit Bard
      -T. M.


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