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Volume 8, Number 3 May 15th, 1951


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  • Page 1

    Lerner Opens International Weekend With Approval Of Mac Dismissal
    Every Male Must Take Sel. Service Test
    Fire Police Unit Organized to Control Traffic
    Notes and News
    Faulkner Honors Bard With Sudden Visit
    • Personal Sketch
        -Joan Williams
  • Page 2

    • Alien Viewpoints Ignored
    • Lerner And Gooding Revitalize Weekend
    • Suggestions Needed
    • Appeal To Conscience
    Letters to the Editor
    • ["The President has asked me to thank you . . . encouraging results of your poll"]
        -Joseph Short, Secretary to Pres.
    Tides and Trends
      -Naef & Herz
    Foreign Policy Poll
  • Page 3

    Ted Weiss Widely Hailed on Publication of The Catch; Readers Find Moment of Oblivion in
    Selected Poems
      -Andrew Ashlund
    Cynthia Gooding Highlights Universality of Music
    Okunda Finds Bard "Worthwhile"
  • Page 4

    Community Chest Drive Is Underway
    Political Panel
    Cultural Panel
    Economic Panel


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