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Volume 5, Number 3 March 16th, 1951


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  • Page 1

    Bardian Taps Reserve Fund; Declared Unconstitutional By Committee---Austerity Program
    Advised For One semester
    EPC Extends Plan
      -Barbara Melnick
    SDA Chairman Quits
    • Richter Resigns; Sees No Hope For SDA At Bard
        -Maurice N. Richter, Jr.
    Editorial: Bored Politicians Shun Convocation; Self-discipline Needed If Bard Is To Survive
    Hoopsters Win!
    Hoopsters Lose
    Lynck Goes Co-op . . . Maybe
      -C. R. N.
    Bard Survey Remodels C.G.
      -C. R. N.
  • Page 2

    Tides and Trends
      -Charles Naef
    The Crumbling Soviet Empire
    • Germany:
        -Herbert Speckner, Gunther Remmling
    The Crumbling Soviet Empire
    • Italy:
        -Roberto Ottolenghi
    The Crumbling Soviet Empire
    • France:
        -Gerard Abensour
    The Crumbling Soviet Empire
    • Czechoslovakia:
        -Julius E. Fried, Paul Kolda
    The Crumbling Soviet Empire
    • Yugoslavia:
    • 1952 Bandwagon
    • House Cleaning . . .
    • At A Glance . . .
    • Prediction . . .
  • Page 3

    Pete Says . . .
      -Pete [Stone]
    The BFCD
      -Emmett O'Brian, Jr. Assistant Chief
    Famous Last Words:
  • Page 4

    Theatre Benefit
    Letter to the Editor . . . .
    • ["The music club would like to express its genuine appreciation to Tommy Lillien for her fine work . . ."]
        -J. B. Kennedy, President
    Music Club Plans Unfamiliar Contemp Works
    Williams, Stevens, Burke To Speak at Lit Weekend


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