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Volume 4, Number 3 March 13th, 1951


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  • Page 1

    Editorial . . . . .
      -Bob Solotaire
    The Draft and You to Date
    Precker Reports on Bard Project
    • First Results of Poll Taken Last Spring Lists Qualities Thought Most Important by Students
        -Joseph Precker
    Field Period Jobs Rated Successful By Majority of Bardians: Constructive Suggestions
      -Robert Solotaire
  • Page 2

    Bard Survey Brought Up-To-Date
      -Naomi Bellinson
    Letters To The Editor
    • ["The New York State SDA Foreign Policy Committee . . ."]
    Letters To The Editor
    • ["It seems to be anathema to students to let a mere teacher look at articles…"]
        -Stefan Hirsch
    Letters To The Editor
    • ["I am now resigning as Chairman of the Bard College Chapter of SDA . . ."]
        -Maurice N. Richter, Jr.
    Intercollegiate Press Round-Up
      -Bob Solotaire
    The Bardian Turns Teacher
      -Peter Stone
  • Page 3

    Autumn Garden Tix To Aid Scholarship
    No "Government-Sponsored" Educational Program In Sight
      -Charlie Naef
  • Page 4

    The Bardian Soul


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