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Volume 3, Number 3 December 19th, 1950


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  • Page 1

    Bard: Eden and Hell
      -Joanne Pines
    David Schwab on Convocation and Quorum
      -David Schwab
    Student Body Nation's Backbone
    • American Superiority Over USSR Rests with the College Trained
        -Robert Solotaire
    International Students Make Bard Their American Home
      -Pat Rose
  • Page 2

    The Anthropologist And the Colonial System
      -Olga Andreyev
    Letters To The Editor
    • H. Edwards On Responsibility Of College To Charlotte Hahn
        -Harvey Edwards
    Letters To The Editor
    • Engaging Is The Face Of The Rascal
        -Louise M. Avery
    Letters To The Editor
    • Jeu De Mots Ou Lettres (d'Echange)
        -E. R.
    Letters To The Editor
    • ["I've meant to write to you long before this to thank you. . ."]
        -James R. Bourne
    Letters To The Editor
    • ["Your last issue…on the present international conflict, took a completely partisan stand."]
        -Joyce Lasky
  • Page 900

    Case Calls Convocation On A-Bomb
      -Bob Solotaire
    Where We Stand
    • Bard College Chapter Students for Democratic Action
    Love-Key To Victory
      -Whitney Bolton
    Text of Convocation Resolution
    Brotherhood Buried in Atomic Stockpile
      -Martin Johnson
    Letter to Convocation
      -David Hoddeson
    Calls For Sanity
      -D. Newman
  • Page 3

    Lattimore Urges Cooperation with Free Asia
      -Charlie Naef
    Bolton Reviews Blood Wedding
      -Whitney Bolton
    Pete in Italy
      -Pete [Stone]
  • Page 4

    Newman on Eisenstein Film Technique
      -Danny Newman
    Lilies at the Feet
      -Iris Lipskar
  • Page 5

    Awed by Autobahn; Sold on Salsburg; Vexed by Vienna; Pete Comes Home
      -Pete [Stone]
      -Carol Summers
  • Page 6

    Salute To Mrs. Smith


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