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Volume 2, Number 3 November 10th, 1950


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  • Page 1

    Historical Methods Compared
      -M. H. N.
    College Income and Expenses Analysed by President Case
      -Nina Doerfler
    Bard Offers Headmasters Chance to View College Life and Discuss Problems
    Task Force
  • Page 2

    Roundup of News From College Circuit
      -Bob Solotaire
    Sturmthal On Europe
    Congratulations On Marriage Of Iris Lipskar Oseas and Jonathan Oseas
      -The Editors
    Words By Charlie Naef
    Origin Of Politics Discussed By Brown And Bertlesman
      -M. H. N.
  • Page 3

    Impromptu Interview With An Unidentified Author
      -Ray Rudnik
    The Music Club
      -Tommie Lilien, President
  • Page 4

    Pete on the Riviera
      -Pete [Stone]
    La Danse
      -Bob Amsterdam


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