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Volume 4, Number 2 October 11th, 1945


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  • Page 1

    On Equality
      -Charles W. Toth
    Stefan Hirsch Goes To Europe
      -Elie A. Shneour
    Be Aware--Act
      -Harold Littledale
  • Page 2

    Required Education
      -James Pines
    Sign-Out Procedure
    The Commons
      -Charles W. Toth
    Looking At Books
      -Jim Gavin
    Looking At Books
    • Age Of Thunder
        -Frederic Prokosch
    In Tune
      -Richard Gaynor
    To The Friends of Harry Winterbottom
      -C. H. Gray, President
  • Page 3

    List Of New Students
    • Fall Semester, 1945
  • Page 4

    One Guy's Idea
      -Bernard Sperling
  • Page 5

    Room and Board
      -Harold A. Littledale
    America's Dying Political Set-up
      -David H. Spodick
    Man's Destiny
      -Louis Fusscas
    Scurrilous doggerel to incite the embellishers of "belles letters" to a more appropriate effusion
    • Note to be Taken Seriously, Perhaps Anon or The Show Must Go On
  • Page 6

    Alumni Notes
      -Artine Artinian
      -Roger Hecht
    Dr. Blanton To Visit Bard
    Retirement of Miss Marjorie Rollins, Secretary to the President of Bard


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