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Volume 8, Number 19 February 9th, 1940


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  • Page 1

    Boar's Head' Dinner Closes Fall Semester
    • Lydman Revue, "Bard's Folly Marches On," Is Climax of Evening Fun
    • Singing In Commons
    Music Division Tells Program
    • Student Guests, Exchange Recitals; On Air Some
    Carol Service Held On December 20th
    Two New Students
    Gray Sees Council
    Charles Harold Gray Dean; Talks At College Meeting
    • College Meets Gray At Dinner
      • He "Introduces Himself" As Semester Begins
    • Rev. Rath Guest
    • Gray Has Had Rich Training Is 1914 Rhodes Scholar; His Wife Biologist
    Trustees Have Leigh Reports
    • Comprehensive Summary of Program, Finance
    Seniors Fix Prom
    Field Projects Well Diversified Again This Year; Dalton Gives Artinian Fine Maupassant Bust
      -E. A. A.
    Frauenfelder Tells Of Coming Events
    Faculty To Give Tea
    Designs Costumes
    Leigh Selects Vermont Man
    • First Address Deals with Program Philosophy and Educational Goals
    • College Is Secure
    Freshmen Set Date For Prom
  • Page 2

    Mr. Leavens Departs . . .
    "Fitted For The Job" . . .
    End Of An Era . . .
    Looking Around
      -William F. Rueger
    College Calendar
    Letters To The Editors
    • Chapel Gowns
        -Frank Wigglesworth, Jr.
    Letters To The Editors
    • T. E. Lawrence
      • An Impression
      -Duffy Carr
  • Page 3

    Sport Notes
      -Frank Bjornsgaard
    Non-Socs Top Kaps 27-23
    • Basket Encounter First This Semester
      • S. A. E. Forfeits Contest
    Kaps Plunge In Bowling Games
    • R. Aufricht Holds Place As Alley Top Scorer
  • Page 4

    Dance Feb. 17 To Honor Gray
    Columbia Poetry Due This Spring


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