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Volume 5, Number 19 November 10th, 1939


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  • Page 1

    Dr. Leigh Meets Council Men; Asks Functions
    • Discusses College Morale; Recommends Clarifying Of Campus Government
      • Task Before All
    Local Talent In Musicale
    • November 19th Concert Has Duets, Recorders
    Criteria Sheets Out In Revised Form
    Latin Americas Herring Topic
    • Speaker Discredits Idea Of Dictator Aggression
    Dean Sees Student Study Committee
    Dubois Gets Holiday
    A Murder Has Been Arranged' Coming To Bard
    • Bard Drama Men Working With Vassar Philaletheis On Exchange Show
    • "F6" Rehearsing
    Leigh Answers Communication
    • Letters To The Editors
        -Robert D. Leigh, Acting Dean
    Dr. Holding Discusses Causes And Cures of Common Cold
    College Has Vienna Waltz Promenade
    • Colorful Affair At Astor Estate
      • Honors Dr. and Mrs. Leigh; Fraternity Dances Held Friday; Sets Precedent
      • Mountain Picnic
    Carol Service December 20th
    • Boar's Head Date Moved; Spring Lectures Planned
    Big Bear . . .
    Example . . .
    Looking Around
      -William F. Rueger
    College Calendar
    • November 10th Through Thanksgiving Recess
  • Page 3

    Literary Supplement
    • Nationalism And Religion
        -Gordon R. MacAllister
    Literary Supplement
    • Scattered Memories Of Grandfather
        -James Westbrook
  • Page 4

    Literary Supplement
    • In And Out Of A City
        -Robert Haberman
    Literary Supplement
    • The Blind Date
        -Robert Haberman
    Literary Supplement
    • Effect Of The War On American Economy
        -Andrew Storer
    Literary Supplement
    • Three Poems
        -David Burke
  • Page 5

    Literary Supplement
    • A Poem
        -Robert Haberman
  • Page 6

    Literary Supplement
    • The Sadness I Saw
        -James Westbrook
    Literary Supplement
    • Untitled Story
        -Wesley Phillipson
  • Page 7

    Sport Notes
      -Frederick Sharp, 3d Guest Columnist
    South Hall Wins Dorm League
    • Albee Gets Second Place; Games End
    • Underwood Is High Scorer
    Whitcomb To Preach
    Athletic Policy Plan Offered
    • Dean Suggests Two Phase Program to Committee
    Outing Club Now Bard Ski Group
    K. G. X. Elects Officers
    Carr On Campus
    Emmet Married
  • Page 8

    Photos On View
    Modern Concert In Bard Hall Oct. 29
    • A Review
        -Frederick Sharp, 3d


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