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Volume 3, Number 18 October 7th, 1938


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  • Page 1

    Bard Theater To Cooperate With Vassar On Play
    • First Production Of Season May Be Pirandello Or Masterlink
    • "The Boor" Tomorrow
    Campus Represented In Red Hook Musical
    Barbecue In Rhinebeck Attended by Bardians
    Sophomores Win Rope-Tug
    • Carthy Wrenches Back As Interclass Fight Ends
    Upperclassmen Get Teddy Hill For Fall Dance
    • Theme Of Gym Decoration To Be Based On Negro Cult
    Nightly Astronomical Survey Reveals Jupiter's Cigar Band
    • Leavens, With Telescope, Shows Heavenly Bodies In Sky And Elsewhere
        -William H. Jordy
    Expedition to Observe Lunar Eclipse, Nov. 7
    Debaters Plan Fall Schedule
    • Inaugurate New System Of Intra-Mural Debate
    Students Agree To Grant Maids Rest On Sunday
    • Sunday Maid Service May Be Stopped By Petition
      • No Reduction In Pay
  • Page 2

    Topics From The Times . . .
    When Old Friends Meet . . .
    Looking Around
      -Walter H. Waggoner
    Letters To The Editor
    • More On Bard's Program
      • Noticed ChangeProgram Is ChangingNot To Be Explained
      -D. S.
  • Page 3

    With the Squad
      -Don Worcester
    Bard Faces R. P. I. In 1st Game of Year Tomorrow
    • Soccer Team To Journey To Troy
      • Outlook None Too Bright For Local Squad In Opener
    Bard Faces R. P. I. In 1st Game of Year Tomorrow
    • Scrimmage With Red Hook Team
      • Practice Session Proves Both Sides Can Be Improved
    Students Make Use Of New Equipment In Gym
    Eulexian's Join Non-Socs' Clubs
    • League Competition To Be Begun When Clubs Are Formed
    Bard Chorus Formed; To Sing November 13
    Outing Club Has Mountain Cabin As Hike Center
    • Muller Elected Chairman Of Group For New Term
        -Don Worcester
  • Page 4

    Brown To Speak Tuesday Evening
    • Student Union to Offer Two Lecturers Next Week
    Krueger's Island Again Scene Of Carefree Bardian Picnic
    Nash Elected Frosh Member Of Council


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