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Volume 13, Number 17 May 27th, 1938


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  • Page 1

    Lyford Edwards Talks to Youth Group on Nazism
    • Declares Power of Hitler Supported by Junker "Plug-Uglies"
    Bard's Spirit Immortalized by Flagstone and Flowers
    • Memorial to Saving of College to be Site of Annual Bonfire, March 21
    Economic Forum Holds Discussion
    • Talks Given on Fascism, Capitalism, Socialism and Communism
    Rueger Appointed Editor
    Class of '39 Elects Jordy as President
    Fraser Honored
    Roche Presents Piano Concert
    • Half of Senior Project Consists of Work in Music
      • A Review
    Committee Finds 15 More Student Jobs Available
    • Proposed Plan Sets Total Openings at 136; 121 in 1937-38
  • Page 2

    Editorial: The Social Science Quarterly . . .
    Editorial: Anti-Semitism at Wisconsin
    Looking Around
      -William H. Jordy
    Coward's "Hay Fever" by the Bard Theatre
    • A Review
        -Jacob Cremer
    Letters to the Editor
  • Page 3

    With the Squad
    Bard Held Hitless by Hofstra Ace
    • DeSetto Fans 14 Scarlet Batters in 11-0 Triumph
      • Eleven Misplays by Losers Pave Way for Sixth Straight Defeat
    Baseball and Tennis Teams in Year's Finales Tomorrow
    • State Teachers to Entertain Netmen—Nine to Play at New Paltz—Bard Squads Seek First Win
    Rival Tossers Annihilate Bart's Fat Batting Average
    Lowly Sophomore Softballers Surprise Cocky Seniors
    Poughkeepsie Club Defeats Netmen Twice, by 6-2, 9-0
    • Captures Second Match of Series Without Loss of Single Set
    Clouds Prevent Color Pix by Astronomers


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