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Volume 12, Number 16 March 24th, 1937


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  • Page 1

    3 Debates Held By Forum Teams This Past Week
    • Allegheny And Duke Here; Rutgers Away; Several More Meets Planned
    Waggoner Elected Chairman Of Co-Op Steering Committee
    April Debate Schedule For Varsity And Frosh
    Bayne And Burr Speak On County To Survey Group
    Dr. Davidson, Faculty Dean Traces Evolution Of Bard
    • Makes Some Observations On 39 Year Career As Latin Professor Here, Says College Is progressing
    Real Student Government
    • An Editorial
    Bassage To Head Theatre In West; On Leave Here
    • To Be Chief Director Of St. Louis Theatre; New Man For Bard
    Mestre To Speak To Science Men
    • Several Lectures Planned For Remainder of Term By Science Club
    Columbia Poetry Project Open For Bard Students
    Anti-War Strike Gains Support Of Campus Clubs
    • Committee Plans Program For April 22 As Part Of Nation-wide Movement
    Committees Meet On Bard Program
  • Page 2

    Mark Van Doren, Writer To Speak Here In April
    Talk By Bayne
    Recital By Fuller
      -Seymour Liebermann
    Fraternity Pledges
    Faculty News
  • Page 3

    • The New Vision
        -L. Maholy-Nagy/H. J. Z.
    Visit To Bard Planned By West Virginia Coal Miners
  • Page 4

    Looking Around
      -Walter H. Waggoner
    Letters To The Editor
    • Letters, Etc.
        -Walter H. Waggoner
    Letters To The Editor
    • Mushrooms
        -William H. Jordy
    Letters To The Editor
    • Subsidized Athletics
        -D. E. Worcester
    Letters To The Editor
    • Voluntary Chapel
        -C. J.
  • Page 5

    Sports Page
    • Eulexians Head Softball Field
      • K. G. X., Non-Socs, S. A. E., End 1st Half Tied
    Sports Page
    • Final Standings
    Sports Page
    • Sophomores Top Basket League
    Sports Page
    • Employees Annex Bowling Trophy
    Sports Page
    • Hamilton Quint Upsets Bardians In Season Finale
      • Scott Ends Court Career In 42-44 Game
    Sports Page
    • With the Squad
        -Jim Magee
  • Page 6

    Smith Of Columbia Deplores Crowding In N.Y. Law Schools
    College Students Make Poor Hoboes
    Pres. Angell Of Yale On Religious Group
    Magnon To Speak


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