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Volume 9, Number 16 February 13th, 1937


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  • Page 1

    Several Debates To Be Presented By Bard Forum
    • Allegheny and Columbia Teams Listed for Home Debates
    Twelfth NSFA Congress Gathers In N. Y., Dec. 28-Jan. 1
    • Fail To Affiliate To Nation's Youth Body; Oppose Compulsory ROTC
    "Cymbeline" To Be Produced By Bard Theatre
    • First Local Shakespearean Production Set For Early March
    Theatre Will Be Repainted Soon
    Nursing Association Writes Appreciation
    • Christine Sayre Eno, Corr. Sec't'y
    Fraternities Get 14 New Pledges
    • This Year's Total Under That of Last Year by Seventeen
    Reunion Dinner Held Last Night
    • Rev. Dr. Elwyn Spear '11 Addresses Gathering
    Swingster Logan To Play Here At Freshman Frolic
    • Harlem's Savoy Ballroom Provides Band For Yearling Dance
    Library Gains In Circulation
    Union Issue Causes Split In Campus Co-op Movement
    • All Agree In Advocacy Of Fast Growing Movement
    Discussions On Dutchess County To Be Held Here
    • Series of 12 Conferences Planned; Guest Speakers Are Listed
  • Page 2

    Dartmouth Gives Course On War
    • Nature and Costs of War and Means of Peace to be Studied
    Co-Operatives At Dartmouth And Los Angeles
    Williams Work Chosen For Show
    What! No History Taught At Harvard?
    New Law Student Society Formed
    • Economic and Social Problems to be Dealt With
    New Organist
  • Page 3

    Debaters Meet Southern Teams
    • Reports On Other Field Period Project
      -Richard H. Rovere, Editor
    Newly Drilled Well Now Ready For Use
  • Page 4

    Post Mortem . . .
    Two Conventions . . .
    Money And The Forum . . .
    Looking Around
      -Dick Rovere
    Alms for Oblivion
    • A King Abdicates
        -George Rosenberg
      -Louis W. Koenig, President, The Forum
    This Collegiate World
  • Page 5

    Sports Page
    • Strong Trinity Quintet Crushes Bard Five 53-16
      • Pickard and Herrick Top Bard Scorers
    Sports Page
    • Seniors Defeat Juniors, 22-8
    Sports Page
    • Interfraternity Bowling League
    Sports Page
    • Fast Alumni Set Cedes To Cagers By 49-23 Count
      • Red and White Shows Improvement
    Sports Page
    • Suggests New Method For Football Scoring
    Sports Page
    • With the Squad
        -Jim Magee
  • Page 6

    Faculty Adds New Members
    Unique Education Course At Stanford
    Interclass Basketball League
    Alumni Notes
    Coaches Meet At Annual Conclave


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