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Students reading the Observer. April 3, 1968
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This section is a collection of pictures and text culled from over 100 years of Bard newspapers. Some samples were chosen because they represent some of the most historically significant items in the archive. Others were chosen to capture the color and esprit de vie of a particular time period.

Both images and pieces of writing have been included in this section, to offer the fullest introduction to the materials as possible. Excerpts from written materials are presented as inline GIF files, for quick viewing. Most of the excerpts are only partial samples. We created "tear marks" to indicate where the text to the article should have continued. Many of these excerpts have been altered, in order to optimize their presentation as inline web media. However, all the materials in this section can be found within the archive itself, as PDF files. Wherever possible, we have included links to the PDF file for the issue which contains the sample text or image. Each PDF file in the archive consists of 400 dpi bitmap images for each page of that issue. You can find more information about the PDF file format by going to the Methodology section of the Project Guide.

The upper left-hand corner of this table contains links to each of the pages of the highlights section. If you want to jump into the archive, you can get to a chronological listing of publications by clicking the newspaper icon in the toolbar at the top of the web page.