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Project Guide
Choose from the Following Sections:


  • Elucidates the unique historical significance of Bard's Student Newspaper Archive. Provides a general perspective of the quantity and variety of materials represented in the archive.

Methodology and Technical Details

  • Describes the archiving process in detail. Explains the organizational structure employed. Covers information about techniques and technologies. Acknowledges limitations of the archive project.

Background of the Project

  • Recounts the development of the project, from conception to execution. Describes each stage of production. Includes reflections about the project by the project collaborators.


  • Expresses appreciation for those who supported and sponsored the project. Provides information about the graduates who conceived of and realized the Archive.


  • Provides a detailed set of instructions for users who are new to the site. Introduces users to Adobe Acrobat Reader, the viewer software for which the newspaper issue files were created. Also familiarizes users with some of the site's major features.

N.B. Joe Stanco and Nate Schwartz are the co-authors of the Project Guide. Joe and Nate developed the Archive website after they graduated from Bard in the spring of 1999.