Graduation Requirements


(1) A minimum of 124 credits, at least 64 of which must be taken at Bard.

(2) A minimum of 40 credits outside the division or program of major. First-Year Seminar counts for 8 of the 40 credits.

(3) Every student who entered in Fall 1991 or later must pass a Quantitative course. If the Q course is taken outside the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at least one course in that Division must be laboratory or computational.

(4) Every student must take two semesters of First-Year Seminar. Transfer students may be exempt.

(5) Every student must be promoted to the Upper College by passing moderation.

(6) Every student must complete an acceptable senior project.

(7a) Distribution requirement for students who entered the college before Fall 1995: a minimum of 8 credits in each of the four academic divisions, and a Q course.

(7b) Distribution requirement for first-year students entering the college from Fall 1995 on: one course from each of the distribution areas (see page xi), and a Q course.