ITAL 106 Intensive Italian

Professor: M. Nicoletti

CRN: 11611

Distribution: D

Time: M Tu W Th 10:30 am - 12:30 pm OLIN 101

A single-semester equivalent to Italian 101-102. This rapidly paced course is designed primarily for students who have successfully studied other languages. It is open to other with the instructor's permission. Four 120-minute classes with two hours of language laboratory with the Italian Tutor. Skill in speaking, reading and writing will be developed through a variety of activities. Eight credits.

ITAL 201 Intermediate Italian I

Professor: M. Nicoletti

CRN: 11612

Distribution: D

Time: M 2:00 pm - 3:20 pm OLIN 101
W 2:50 - 4:10 LC 208

For students who have completed Italian 101-102 or Intensive Italian 106. Formal language study at the second-year level. Strong emphasis on oral practice and writing skills. Discussion of contemporary works by Sciascia, Calvino, Banti, Campanile and others. Two films will be viewed: Federico Fellini's Lo sceicco bianco and Pupi Avati's Dichiarazione d'amore. An additional hour of conversation is required every week. Conducted in Italian. Prerequisite: Italian 101-102 or the equivalent.

ITAL 302 Culture & Society 1940-1990

Professor: M. Nicoletti

CRN: 11613

Distribution: B/D

Time: Tu Th 9:00 am - 10:20 am LC 120

An introduction to the major issues in Italian society and culture from Fascism to the present: the Resistance, Neo-Realism, the Economic Boom in the Fifties, the Historic Compromise, Terrorism, il problema del Mezzogiorno, government and Mafia, migration, the national language and the dialects, the role of women. In addition to fiction and essays by Carlo Levi, Vittorini, Pavese, Primo Levi, Sciascia, and Calvino, and poetry by Montale and Pasolini, we will view films of Visconti, Bertolucci, De Sica, the Taviani brothers and others.

ITAL 309 Horcynus Orca, by Stefano D'Arrigo

Professor: S. Sartarelli

CRN: 11725

Distribution: B/D

Time: Wed 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm OLIN 302

A semester-long immersion in the most ambitious Italian novel of the century, a vast fictional composition about the homeward journey and return of the Italian military and government. Compared variously to Joyce's Ulysses, Proust Recherche and Musil's Man Without Qualities, Horcynus Orca addresses such matters as the transformational horrors of war, the struggle of the individual in the face of history, Italy's role in World War II, Sicily's relationship to Italy, and the onus of language, myth and the imagination in humanity's attempt to understand the truth and falsity of its cultural and historical heritages. As the book is written in a highly inventive language that fuses dialect and coinages with "classical" Italian from all ages, it provides a unique perspective into Italian culture and history. For this same reason, its study will require a firm commitment on the part of the students, but sustained effort will bear rich rewards.