REL 102 Beginning Hebrew II

Professor: B. Vromen

CRN: 11736

Distribution: D

Time: TBA

This course follows Hebrew 101 taught in January. Hebrew 101-102 is an indivisible sequence. Students should register for both Hebrew 101 and 102 at the December 4th registration with Professor Bruce Chilton. The purpose of this course is twofold: to provide students with a basic, active knowledge of Hebrew and to acquaint them with aspects of Hebrew scriptures that inevitably are lost in translation. Hebrew 101 is devoted to acquisition of the necessary vocabulary and grammar, accompanied by readings and speaking exercises. In Hebrew 102 students spend two thirds of the time on study of actual biblical texts and one third on further acquisition of language skills. Narrative, poetic, prophetic, and legal passages are read in class. Each student selects a text for self-study analysis. By the end of the two part sequence, students will be confident to tackle most classical Hebrew texts.