CMSC 191 Introduction to Computer Science

Professor: M. Lewis

CRN: 11454

Distribution: E/G/Q

Time: M Th 9:00 am - 10:20 am HCRC

This course is designed for liberal arts students with an interest in computer science. The course will examine the fundamentals of machine architecture, a hypothetical machine with an appropriate minimal high-level language, and a practical procedural language (Pascal). The study of problem-solving techniques and algorithm development will prepare students to apply the syntax and structure of a programming language to a variety of problem statements. The course will include regular programming assignments and a project which relates to the individual student's discipline.

CMSC 274 Software Design and Development using Java

Professor: M. Lewis

CRN: 11735

Distribution: E/Q

Time: M W 1:20 pm - 2:40 pm HCRC The course will begin with a consideration of the software design process and, by way of example, explore the experiences of earlier generations of software development teams to demonstrate the methods used and the lessons learned. Working in teams, the students will then design and implement their own software projects, using "Java" as the language of implementation. The course will require substantial hands-on programming, and regular class presentations of work-in-progress. Prerequisite: CMSC 192, one year of programming, or permission of the instructor.