ART 230 Sophomore Seminar

Professor: A. Gibbons

CRN: 11427

Distribution: F

Time: M 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm FISHER 129

This is the first of three graduated and required seminars (Sophomore, Junior, and Senior) for studio art majors, aimed at creating a sense of community within the program and at supplementing studio courses by addressing issues and concerns of the visual artist. The Sophomore Seminar emphasizes the practice of art and seeks to impart to students a basic competence and self-reliance. It consists of workshop projects and visits to local artists' studios, through which students gain firsthand experience in the fundamentals of painting and sculpture. Instruction covers the handling of woodworking tools, introductory welding and casting, the creation of stretchers and the preparation of canvases for painting, the proper and safe use of paints, oils, varnishes, and thinners, and the correct use of plaster and clay, including the recycling of clay and the operation of the kiln. The seminar meets weekly for one three-hour session.

ART 406 Senior Seminar

Professor: A. Cote

CRN: 11429

Distribution: A

Time: W 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm FISHER 129

All studio art majors (and interested photography majors) who are engaged in the Senior Project will meet for a weekly seminar/critique/discussion. The aim of the meeting will be to create a forum for the continual exchange of views and ideas among the senior students and to encourage and develop skill in articulating ideas in speech and writing. Its form and subject will change week to week, but will include writing assignments (toward "Word and Image" catalogue); group critiques and discussion of student work; discussion of exhibitions on campus; discussion with guest speakers. All studio art seniors must participate.