ITAL 106

Intensive Italian

Franco Baldasso

M T W Th 11:15am-1:15pm




8 credits This course enables students with little or no previous knowledge of Italian to complete three semesters of college Italian in five months: 8 credits at Bard and 4 credits in Italy in June, where the students will continue daily intensive study of the Italian language and culture while living with Italian families. At Bard, students attend eight hours of class per week, plus two hours with the Italian tutor. The course methodology is based on a communicative approach, which includes grammar drills, guided compositions, oral practice, role-plays, readings and analysis of authentic material.

Class size: 22



ITAL 228

Advanced Review of Modern Italian: migrant nations of italy

Sara Marzioli

TTh 8:40am-10:00am




The course aims to enhance studentsí oral and written production in Italian by focusing on a key political and social phenomenon of modern Italy: migration and its cultures. The main question we will ask is whether it is possible to rethink Italian culture today through its multiple migrant identities.

The controversial epic of Italian migration to the U.S. and Latin America meets today with the sorrowful stories of recent migration to the Italian peninsula through its Mediterranean shores. By working with original materials on migration in Italy, such as films, literary texts, and graphic novels by Leonardo Sciascia, Igiaba Sciego, Amara Lakhous, and Cesare Segre among others, the course investigates problems, pitfalls, and memories of a country striving to become an inclusive multicultural society, while highlighting its many setbacks.  This course constitutes a first introduction to Italian civilization for students who have completed the language sequence. Through in-class discussions, grammar drills, and presentations, it offers an opportunity for them to hone their skills before they enroll in an upper-college seminar. Taught in Italian. Class size: 20