LAT 106

 Basic Intensive Latin

Lauren Curtis

James Romm

M T W Th   9:20 am-11:20 am



8 credits  This course is designed for students with no experience with Latin, to read authors such as Virgil, Ovid, Cicero, and Augustine in the original language after one semester's intensive work (the equivalent of two semesters of college Latin). Daily drills and frequent quizzes will be combined from the beginning with an emphasis on reading: students will begin reading short selections from classical authors after only a few weeks and longer passages by midterm. Those wishing to enroll in this course should consult with Prof. Curtis or Prof. Romm, or attend the informational meeting in early December.  Class size: 18



LAT 208

 The Age of Nero

James Romm

M W      1:30 pm-2:50 pm

OLIN 304


Despite its slide into autocracy, the age of Nero (54-68 A.D.) saw a great flowering of Roman literature, including the comic novel Satyricon by Petronius, and the tragedies and essays of Seneca, as well as the mysterious historical drama called Octavia.  We will read selections from several of these texts, spanning a wide range of styles in both poetry and prose.  Readings in English will help situate our texts against the troubled history of Nero's reign.

Class size: 15




LAT  302 / 403

Roman Medea

James Romm


ASP 307


An examination of how the mythic figure of Medea was reimagined and reinterpreted by the Romans, in particular Ovid and Seneca.  We will read works of both authors in Latin, together with their Greek sources, Euripides and Apollonius of Rhodes, in English.  Class size: 12