JAPN 102

 Introductory Japanese II

Scott Mehl

M T W Th  10:10 am-11:10 am



Cross-listed: Asian Studies  The second part of a two-semester sequence introducing the fundamentals of the Japanese language. Students will systematically develop their abilities in the four primary skills: listening, speaking, writing and reading.  Course work will consist of extensive study of basic grammar, language lab work, conversation practice, and simple composition exercises.  Class size: 20



JAPN 202

 Intermediate Japanese II

Nathan Shockey

 T W Th   10:10 am-11:10 am



Cross-listed: Asian Studies   This course accelerates the acquisition of Chinese characters and introduces more complex grammatical patterns and expressions with the goal of refining students’ mastery of modern Japanese. Prerequisite: Japanese 102 or equivalent. Class size: 15



LIT / JAPN 2216

 Human Rights AND ModERN Japanese LitERATURE

Scott Mehl

M W      1:30 pm-2:50 pm

RKC 102


Cross-listed: Asian Studies; Human Rights; Literature  This course will approach major works of modern Japanese literature and film by examining how human rights dilemmas are represented in works of fiction and nonfiction. Major topics will include women’s rights, the burakumin liberation movement, and the rights of citizens vis-à-vis corporations. Texts will include works by Tanizaki Junichiro, Kurihara Miwako, Nakagami Kenji, Ishimure Michiko, Shirow Masamune, Shimazaki Toson, with additional readings on historical context and theoretical approaches. Texts will be in English.  Class size: 22



JAPN 302

 Advanced Japanese II

Scott Mehl

 T Th    3:10 pm-4:30 pm



Cross-listed:  Asian Studies  This course is a continuation of Japanese 301. Students will concentrate on the four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing, with a heavier emphasis on oral ability. The course continues the introduction of complex grammatical patterns while further accelerating the acquisition of Chinese characters and advanced vocabulary. Students will build oratory skills through debate on relevant social topics and through individual research presentations. Composition of advanced written material will also be emphasized. The course will be conducted in Japanese. Prerequisite: Japanese 301 or equivalent.  Class size: 15



JAPN 315

 Reading and Translating Japanese: THEORIES, METHODS, PRACTICE

Nathan Shockey

M W      11:50 am-1:10 pm

OLIN 107


Cross-listed: Asian Studies  This class is intended for students who can read Japanese at the advanced level. Students will be introduced to a variety of readings from Japan, including fiction, journalism, and essays. The course will involve reading and discussing both the form and content of these texts, and working to produce translations.  Students are also introduced to translation theory, both Western and Japanese, and will examine well-known translations by comparing source and target texts. Students are further encouraged to think about the nature and limits of translation theories and practices in the context of the Japanese language. The class will culminate with individual student-chosen translation projects. Prerequisite: JAPN 301 or instructor's permission. This course may be taken simultaneously with JAPN 302.  Class size: 15